Graphics and Genealogy!

Hello and welcome back! Today I want to help another fellow blogger by telling you about this awesome site he just set up called “Genealogy Graphics Guy” aka GGG┬áIt’s really cool!!!


Welcome to Genealogy Graphics Guy my business. As you can see there are three pages this page gives you a description of the site. The Graphics page is where you can see the prices and I can show some graphics I have done in the past to see if you like them and if so you can e-mail me and I can get started. Also, there is a Genealogy page you might be like why would someone use genealogy in a business? Well go check out the page and it will give you a description of what I can do. Anyway thanks for stopping by my business. -Ezra


Honestly, I can’t tell you much about the site because you’ll just have to go check it out yourselves! Have fun!