God’s Amazing World!

Hey guys! By the way…I’m posting this on Friday because I won’t be around tomorrow morning to post it.

So my older sister “stole” my camera a while ago and took some AMAZING pictures! So to “get back at her” I’m using them as a blog post (note: my sister is fine with this).

Pete – the butterfly
My “pet” bee
Pete’s twin brother Peter
So majestic!
I love how she captured the butterfly!
So poky!
Ahhhh I’m so jealous this isn’t my photo!
Anyone else thinks my sister should be a photographer?

Alright, people……storytime! So Winnie has this obsession with chickens/guineas….she LOVES to chase them! A few days ago Winnie was outside and she ran after the guineas chasing them EVERYWHERE! My dad was able to catch her and discipline her but because I was calling her to come he let her go to come to me…..and guess what?! She ran back after the guineas and because she still is a puppy she fell into the creek getting coveredĀ in mud and spring water (right before friends were going to come over). So my dad and I had to hose her off. Thankfully my older sister grabbed my camera and got a hilarious picture of her “bath”.



Also, I was cleaning up our kitchen and I heard this huge racket…….wanna know what happens when your little sis decides to pretend the puppy’s a horse and “practice” brushing it!


Alright!! See you soon!!!