Happy New Year!!

Hey guys…WOW!! 2020 is finally here and boy it’s still hard to think that 2019 is over! Rosy Marr over at Rosy’s Writings inspired me to do some photos from 2010 to my most current photos! Unfortunately, I can’t find a photo from 2010 so here’s a few from 2011! 


I would be about 6 (maybe 7) years old in these photos 🙂



About 10 years later…..


Well, I’m off to have a New Years’ dinner with the family (and have my traditional sauerkraut to fulfill my once a year tradition of eating that odd green stuff).

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful time staying up till midnight to usher in a new year!

What are some New Year resolutions you’ve decided to do?

Mine: …..not sure yet! I guess I just want to:
1. Try to be a better sibling and daughter.
2. Try not to be a drill sergeant.
3. Work on my piano and choir songs more often!
4. I’m not sure but I just don’t like ending on uneven numbers!

We asked my grandfather what great wisdom he would like to share with the family and he said:
“Don’t eat the spaghetti”. 

Anyways Happy New Year everyone!!

See you soon!