Lesson’s Learned…….

Hey guys! Since the Summer is over I thought I’d do a summary of what I’ve learned this year.


  1. Being patient…this summer I was super challenged to be kind and patient with those I don’t get along with.
  2. Don’t let losing or pain take over your emotions. I know people say to share your feelings to others but I let a loss in a game and a sore leg take over my emotions so I had an emotional breakdown at a camp this year.
  3. I learned that I love teaching little kids because they don’t mind when the only game you can think of is duck, duck, goose! 
  4. I learned that NEVER put your glasses on top of your head and then drop them between a door and get them smashed….ugh! I just got new ones thankfully 🙂
  5. I learned that I have the most amazing parents and siblings.
  6. I realized that I don’t like impromptu singing gigs….and that I need to learn to like them cause they happen a lot!
  7. To not let huge messes bring down your attitude cause it usually isn’t that hard to clean up. 
  8. And one more (I don’t like stopping on uneven numbers), I learned that some circumstances might not be the best but I need to keep a good attitude through it all!

I really love doing summary’s cause they help me get my thoughts together so bear with me through them all! Also if you would like a more detailed camp story let me know in the comments and I’ll post about it sometime!

Okay…on to more important topic(s) hehe. So a while ago Anna from  A Story Nerds Life did a post about “A Peek Into Our AFHE GenRising Prep”. And guys I have no idea what brought this comment up but in the end, we talked about the time I blew on ice cream cause I thought it was soup…..(yes I’m weird, don’t question me). Anywho Anna made this awesome rhyme up and I knew I needed to use it in a blog post.

“I blew on my ice cream for I thought it was what it was not, my brain knew the truth but my muscles forgot”


Thanks, Anna…..I think that’s gonna be my new go-to saying!

Alrighty, see you guys soon!