God Bless America – Video

Hey guys! As I mentioned on Saturday…I would share the video of us singing God Bless America! So here it is guys! If you’re wondering why I walk across the room in the beginning it’s I had forgotten the words so we had to start over!


Photos from today!


Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend guys! If I was asked what is one of my favorite holidays, I’d say Memorial Day. It’s amazing! I love spending time with my family and going to this awesome small little church where we sing old hymns, replace the old flag, and hear the cannons and guns salute. It’s…truly an amazing day. But what really makes it emotional for me is knowing that we’re honoring the men and women who died for me and my freedom.

My dad’s military photos:

So this year my sister and I are singing God Bless America. The last few years I sang the Star Spangled Banner but this year I wanted to change it up! Actually, I’m hoping to have someone film it so I can share it with you all! 


Anyways just wanted to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day! 

What does your family do for Memorial Day? Let’s chat in the comments!