My Story…

So this post is different from what you’d usually see here but I wanted to share some of my background and what are some areas I’m working on in my life. Also, I’ve changed my posting schedule back to Wednesday’s and Saturdays…we’ll see how that goes!

So a while back my family went through some tougher things and I started doubting some things in my life…I was confused, hurt, and pretty lonely. So being the kind of person who wants to “fix it myself” I turned away from my family and friends and turned to the internet (this was before my blog). Now just to be clear the internet is an amazing place but it’s also super powerful and messed up.

Instead of talking things out with my parents I “tried” to talk things out with strangers…now that was totally the wrong thing to do!

Not only were these strangers NOT Christians they also were NOT the best influence on me. Quicker and quicker I found it easier to lie to my parents, friends, and….God.

I thought these “people” were right and my parents and the Bible had to be wrong. Instead of things getting less confusing in my mind, they got worse and worse…I felt like a ticking bomb that would eventually explode into a million pieces. I had built lie after lie and it was killing me!

After a few months I finally “exploded”. I told my mom what was going on and all she did was…help me. She didn’t yell and lock me in my room and ban me from the internet…instead she hugged me. And boy did that help!

Fast forward a few years…I’m not perfect, I still try to hide my personal feelings…but when times get rough I know I have family, friends, and a Daddy up in heaven watching over me.

I know that when I mess up my parents still love and forgive me. And best of all, I know that I have a Father up in heaven watching over an imperfect girl named Abby, loving me and protecting me every SINGLE DAY!

Why am I telling you this?

  1. Because I want tooπŸ˜€
  2. Because I need too
  3. And because I want you to stop and check, Am I keeping myself safe when I’m online”?

I don’t want to scare you…I want you to beware that the world is one weird messed up place and we need to be careful about what we share and do online!

And I’ll leave you with this…go through your followers, commenters, or anyone you talk to online. Ask yourself…do I know them? How do I know them? Trust me…you might surprise yourself πŸ™ƒ