Trip, Retreat, Puppies, and Stitches!

Hey guys! Sorry about the late post! A few weeks ago I mentioned I went on a trip…because I didn’t bring my camera everywhere my dad ended up taking most of the pictures (thanks dad)…so here we go!

Dad’s pictures


My pictures:

Also on that trip, we “taught” Winnie how to swim. Here’s a video I posted about that!


Update on Winnie: Soooo I just went on a youth retreat and guess what?! My little girl ripped two stitches so we’re going to get them checked soon…but keep her in your prayers that it won’t cost too much! 

Also, school started up! Here’s my first day of school picture from that.


And speaking of the retreat…I was asked to lead songs…it went pretty well, I think! I have a few pictures from it to share! I didn’t bring any camera so I didn’t take pictures but we played a fun icebreaker game (that I don’t have a picture of) but it involved EVERYONE getting on a sheet and flipping the sheet over without anyone touching the floor. Guys, let me tell you it was so awkward…….(yeah let’s not repeat the story of that)! 

Anyways, I think that summed up my life in the past few weeks!

See you guys soon!