Randomness Award

Randomness AwardAbove is the little award picture I made cause I love random things!

Hey guys! So to go along with Wednesday’s Random post I thought I’d do this award now! Jesse from The Crazy Life of Jesse nominated me for this fun Randomness Award!! Thanks so much, Jesse!!! I’m super excited! 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
  2. Then you gotta answer the questions that the person who nominated you… asked.
  3. Then you must nominate 5 people and ask them 10 questions.


Here are the questions…

1. Have you ever played a sport? Not on a team but my family plays basketball once in a while. Even though my parents used to play or do sports we’re not much for sports in my family 🙂

2. What’s your favorite movie? Either Beyond the Mask or McFarland USA

3. If you had to choose one thing to do for eternity what would it be? Hmm…that’s a really tough one! I guess either sing or mow (totally different I know)!

4. What is BY FAR the best book writer in your opinion? Jaye L. Knight

5. If you could own ANYTHING in the world what would it be? Probably make a cure for cancer or invent a drip pan for your stove so that when your cake overflows you don’t have to turn off the stove to clean it!

6. If you went to another planet and found an alien what would be your first thought? Wow! My teachers were wrong all along! I knew it! *evil laugh* 

7. What’s your least favorite movie? Appalachian Trail we had to watch it once when the internet kept cutting out…it made the movie worse!

8. If you knew you were going to die in a week unless you went back in time to prevent it what would you do? No cause that would change life’s other events and plus it’d be super weird! I mean when it’s time to die there’s no stopping it (don’t take this the wrong way guys)!

9. Why do you love to blog? I really love being able to share things with other people and hear what they think of them!

10. And last, do you personally think that video games “rot the brain”? So we aren’t a huge video game family…even though I’m not against them I don’t like when they have a lot of violence and killing in them.

My nominees:

Rosy’s Writings

Lit Aflame

Beautiful Things

A Need to Breathe

Lydia’s Blog

My Questions (and guys these are totally random)!: 

Who is your favorite Historical character?

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Do you prefer frogs or chickens?

Someone hands you 10 million dollars but to accept it you have to deal with a turtle chasing you for the rest of your life…would you do it?

Do you prefer: hardcover books, softcover books, or ebooks?

If you could create your own chip flavor, what would it be?

Should school have summer break or do it year around?

Do you like hot dogs or hamburgers?

Apple, Andriod, or dell (PC or Mac) for a computer? 

Do you prefer camper, tent, or cabin camping?


Have fun answering the questions guys!