The Interesting Advice of a Few Friends

Hi guys! So my sister and I are doing this writing curriculum and one of the projects was to write a story…about the advice of people around you.

Some people’s advice is REALLY good! Other’s not so much! So enjoy this little short story and let me know what you think! (also, sorry about the messed up posting schedule…I’ll be starting afresh next week)!     


   A young successful carpenter was on his way to a new house project. He called his 3 friends who also built houses and asked them for advice. The first friend told him to pour plastic instead of concrete…as concrete was overrated. Taking the advice of his friend he called in and had the plastic company pour the plastic.

   The young man remembered the advice of his second friend and installed the roof before putting up the walls because apparently, that was what everyone was doing! The man cleverly built the roof and propped it up with a few screwdrivers.

   Absentmindedly the man remembered what his third friend said, “don’t waste time putting the electricity and plumbing in separately, just do them at the same time”. Stupidly the man followed his advice and BOOM! 


Moral of the story: “Don’t trust everyone’s advice.”

A Short Poem…sorta

The Puppy

by Abby Rose
The puppy looked around with a wag of his tail,

seeing no one he whimpered.


Trying not to cry the small puppy

lay down on the hard, cold ground.


With a lift of his head he heard a quiet, sad sound,

looking around he noticed a little boy crying.


Going over, the puppy put his head on the boy’s knee,

wagging his tail slightly, the puppy licked the boy’s face.


With a small giggle, the boy tugged on the puppy’s ear,

“that hurts” the little puppy thought.


The puppy looked into the boy’s face and saw the joy,

“I can live with a little pain” the puppy thought to himself.


Wagging his tail, the puppy licked the boy’s face again and again,

happy inside, knowing he filled someone with joy.


Sorry if that was cheesy I wrote it a few years ago for a school project. Anyways I just thought it was kinda cute and wanted to share it with you all! Below is a picture that I think kinda goes with the poem (minus the other dog). 


The story about Chloe

Munch, munch, munch. Chloe sat there eating her yummy green grass, enjoying the fresh air and waiting for Nutmeg (her best friend) to wake up.  Lifting her long black ears up she heard a thump, how odd….well maybe it was just Spot’s (the cute boy next door).
​Munch, munch, munch. Chloe continued her eating when suddenly a long brown fuzzy thing wiggled through a hole. It was Mr. Weasel!!! Chloe quickly hopped to wake up Nutmeg all the while watching Mr. Weasel to see what he would do. Squealing with fear Nutmeg dove behind Chloe. Chloe willing to be brave for poor Nutmeg tried to bite Mr. Weasel but instead, he bit her in the head. Both Nutmeg and Chloe were squealing and screaming as loud as they could fearing the worst would happen.
Their home went from peace and quiet to fear and chaos. Spots not able to help ran helplessly on his side of the pen praying for the little girl who usually fed them to come and save them. Suddenly out of nowhere their roof opened up and they saw the face of the man who helped build their home. Mr. Weasel saw the man and let go of Chloe and tried to run but the man shot at Mr. Weasel….but unfortunately, evil Mr. Weasel got away lurking nearby hoping to get another chance.
But the man picked up Chloe and took her away….that was the last time Nutmeg saw her best friend. 


A few days later a family came and picked up Nutmeg taking her away forever. Spots sat quietly not even hungry to sad to eat. He missed his friends he prayed that Nutmeg would have a beautiful home and would be well taken care of.  About a month later that little girl came back bringing a small box with her. Spots wondered what it was. Then the little girl opened the box and out popped Chloe’s head! Looking at Spot’s she smiled at him!
She had come back!! She was okay!!!!! Spot’s ran around in excitement as Chloe was set inside her side of the pen. 
Where was Nutmeg?? She missed her best friend and wanted her back so they could play like they used to.  The little girl closed their roof and walked away, and Chloe turned to Spots and asked where her best friend was? She cried when she heard Nutmeg was gone. What was she going to do? Who was she going to share her secrets and fears with? Definitely not Spots!!! That was out of the question!  Chloe nibbled on a piece of grass and then closed her eyes to take a nap…..


A few weeks later the little girl’s older sister came and took Spots and put him in a box. Chloe wanted to know where he was going and if she was going to. So she waited. And waited. And waited. But no one came. Where was Spots?????  She ran around in circles trying to find a way out….ouch! She hit her head against something hard and pointy. Not really caring about the pain, she cried out looking for Spots. She was scared, she didn’t like being alone. What if Mr. Weasel came back? Who would protect her????  
A few days later Chloe woke up alone, scared, and in A LOT of pain! Ouch!! Her head hurt a lot! What was wrong????!!!!! She couldn’t move her head! She tried to run but the pain was too much, and she had to close her eyes and stay still because of the pain.

Chloe never did remember what happened to her that first couple of days. All she remembers is how much it hurt to move.

Joy (Chloe’s little owner) found Chloe huddled in a corner shaking and cold.  Joy picked her up and took her to the house where Dad bandaged poor Chloe’s head. The humans then sat down and waited to see if Little Chloe would pull through.


Days of hard work and a lot of pain for both humans and Chloe came and past in a blur. Joy tearfully watched to see what would happen.  Early one morning Joy came downstairs and found Chloe eating. Joy squealed with happiness calling her family to see the hero Chloe alive and well! 

And to this very day, Chloe lives in a newer, safer cage. Where her owner checks on her every day and keeps her healthy and safe!


This is a true story of my little sister’s rabbit Chloe. Although human names mentioned are made up the story is relatively true (although more gruesome details are left out).  It shows and reminds us that we need to take care of and love all of His creatures GREAT and small!  Also as a reminder, I don’t do much writing sorry if this was kinda kiddish!

Do you want to hear more farmyard story’s? Please comment and let me know!