The Music Tag…and a Quick Reminder!

Hey guys! First off before I begin this post I just want to ask you all…how should I begin my posts? What should be my catchphrase? Let me know in the comments below!

Now to begin with the fun post! Rosy Marr tagged me for the Music Tag and even though it looks really cool I’ll have to admit I don’t listen to much music on my computer (mostly the radio) so this is going to be a really odd but fun post as I find out what my playlist would play…note none of the songs are weird just maybe not my style of music! Soooo let’s get started!


  1. Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).
  2. Write your favorite lyric from each song.
  3. Tag some people.


  1. Second Guess Girl by Sara Groves. Odd name but actually a pretty song! I never heard of it before but after reviewing the lyrics and hearing the song a few times I thought it was a pretty cool song! My favorite lyric…I really couldn’t find one that stuck out (sorry Rosy)!
  2. My Jesus Fair by Galkin Evangelistic Team. This is actually a song I’ve heard before and really like! My favorite lyrics would be:  My Jesus, meek, was scorned by men By men in blasphemy “Father, forgive their senseless sin! “He prayed, for them, for me. I like that it mentions that even though Jesus was being scorned by men around Him, he still forgave them…and me!
  3. What Is This Grace by Sight and Sound (Samson). I couldn’t find a link to this song but it’s BEAUTIFUL! If you haven’t heard it you gotta go check out Sight and Sound’s page! My favorite lyrics from that would be: What is this grace given me?
    What is this mercy? Can it be? What is this love with no demands, Poured on my thirsty soul by healing hands?
  4. Big Enough by the Clark Family. I’ve heard this song several times and it’s pretty cool! This song is super inspiring…here’s the lyrics I picked out: So when it seems it can’t be done – I know God is big enough – I can run the race I’m called to run – Cause I know God is big enough – He’ll finish everything He starts – He’ll meet us right here where we are – And I can feel faith rising up – Cause I know God is big enough
  5. This Day by Point of Grace. I’ve never heard this song before but it really pretty! My favorite lyrics would be: This day is frail – it will pass by So before it’s too late to recapture the time. 
  6. He is Exalted by Glad – A Cappella Worship. This is a beautiful song! I’ve heard it many times…my favorite lyrics are: He is exalted, forever exalted And I will praise His name….
  7. Always the Same by the Hamilton Family. This song is amazing! I love listening to it over and over! My favorite lyrics would be: He’s always the same….
  8. By Faith – Galkin Evangelistic Team. This might be one of my favorite songs ever!! I loveeee listening to this one! My favorite lyric is: By faith we see the hand of God In the light of creation’s grand design In the lives of those who prove His faithfulness Who walk by faith and not by sight.
  9. Stay the Course – Megan Hamilton. This song is amazing! When I found it I couldn’t stop listening to it…I was shocked to find it on my playlist! My favorite lyrics: Jesus, You are the highest and best, I’ll follow You forsaking the rest. I’ll stay the course, no matter the test.
  10. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – BYU Noteworthy. I really haven’t listened to this version a lot but it is really pretty! And my favorite lyrics…I can’t with a good conscience find a favorite lyric! 


This was probably the most difficult tag EVER!! But I loved every minute of it! 

Annd I’d like to tag: 

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Have a great week guys!