Happy New Year!!

Hey guys…WOW!! 2020 is finally here and boy it’s still hard to think that 2019 is over! Rosy Marr over at Rosy’s Writings inspired me to do some photos from 2010 to my most current photos! Unfortunately, I can’t find a photo from 2010 so here’s a few from 2011! 


I would be about 6 (maybe 7) years old in these photos 🙂



About 10 years later…..


Well, I’m off to have a New Years’ dinner with the family (and have my traditional sauerkraut to fulfill my once a year tradition of eating that odd green stuff).

Drumroll, please…………

Hey guys! As we say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020, it’s fun to think about all the things that happened this past year! 



January: It turned 2019 and along with that school started back up! Nothing big to report happened then though 🙂

February: I turned –, which was so fun! It was more laid back though I did find out later that they were planning on getting me a dog…though they didn’t because of a big trip we did in March!

March: We went to the PO (you’ll need to figure that one out yourself)! It was my first time flying ever and after flying in 6 different airplanes I definitely got my fill for airplanes for a while!

April: Let’s see….that was a rougher month. A bunch of different things happened but the most exciting was…I got WINNIE! The joy of my life and the sweetest pup I’ve ever met!

May: I got a job! Where I get to walk a dog twice a week for 90 minutes! It’s so fun making a little money and being able to pay for my little pup and save up for a rainy day!

June: I did a lot of photography that month! I also was able to witness my first hot air balloon (no I didn’t get in), but I got to see three take off! It was also Winnie’s first vacation which was so fun and exciting for her!

July: That was the best and worst month! I went to a Summer camp which was awful, got to be a cowgirl for a night at VBS, got to see the Billy Graham Museum, annd found out I’m allergic to shrimp…fun right? 

August: I was able to be in an acting camp which was super fun! I also got my first “marriage proposal” from a goofy friend of mine! My brother came home for a visit and I celebrated my first year of blogging!!

September: Another month of photography, Winnie had her back dewclaws removed, I became a leader in church youth group involving leading song time every once in a while during youth events, school started, and I went on a fishing trip with my dad, Winnie, and grandparents!

October: That was the month of food making, a fun trip to a historical involving graduation pictures for L being taken, and A LOT more dog walking!

November: A lot of wood projects that month and Thanksgiving!!!

December: The play, our brother coming home, and Christmas…that’s pretty much all that happened!


Annnnd that’s it! I don’t have any 2020 goals because I find that I don’t fulfill them or something changes that don’t work well with my plans 🙂


See you guys next year!