Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to share this for Beautiful Things!! Laura over at Beautiful Things just published her second book! So go check it out (because this book is awesome)! 

Surprise! It was only last week that I started thinking about some special things to do on my blog for Easter. I went back and forth between a few ideas, but nothing was working for me. Then, I started thinking. I had this story I’d written a year ago, but it was still rough, and […]

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Happy Wednesday everyone! It is the middle of the week so I wanted to post a reminder about my giveaway and also an update. I am SO close to 100 followers, so PLEASE if nothing else share my blog with as many people as you can! I currently have 90 followers and when I started […]

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Hey guys! Last chance to enter the Beautiful Things giveaway! Go check it out, guys!!!

Hi, everyone! If you haven’t done so yet, now is your chance to enter the giveaway! There’s only nine hours left until it ends! Check back here tomorrow morning to see the winners of both giveaways! I will also be posting a short story in honor of Memorial Day! See you then! ~ Laura 🙂

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Hey guys! Beautiful Things is having a giveaway!!! Go check it out!!!!

Good morning all! Today is the day the giveaway begins! As if I needed to tell you. 🙂 So what are we celebrating you may ask…Three things. First of all, Memorial Day! Unlike the First of July which celebrates our independence, this day is for celebrating the men and women that have served and protected […]

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Guys, I just read this and it was amazing and beautiful! Please go check it out!!

I know there was mention of me posting a short story about a medic today, but I decided I’d give my readers a story that was a little more light-hearted. Enjoy! ——————————– Ellie ducked behind the corner of the wall, clutching the glass of purple punch in her hands. It was demoralizing for any red-headed […]

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Hey guys! I was recently reminded by a friend about what we share on social media! So I thought it’d be a great idea to repost this! Enjoy reading and consider carefully what you post and what you want others to see…this World is filled with “creeps” as some would call them and we have to be careful about what we want others to see…now that doesn’t mean go hide under a rock and never say anything on your blog or other social media accounts…just be wise about what you’re saying and posting.

Writing Well Pt. 3 Today, I’m going to move out of the realm of novel/story writing and focus on other types of writing such as blogs, emails, and social media. Guys, and Gals, we need to be extremely careful of what we’re putting out there on our blogs, social media, and even our emails. Sometimes […]

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Spring is almost here! For some of you it has already arrived and I am going to try really hard not to be jealous about that. *glares at all you warm birds* For me here in Michigan, I am more on the side of willing spring to be here and refusing to wear a coat…

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